By the end of the century, this area might feel like the South of France or Northern Spain.  Projections prepared by the UK Climate Impacts Programme suggest that:

•    Average annual temperatures are projected to increase by at least 3.5-4OC by the 2080s (50% probability)
•    Heat-related health risks may rise
•    The hottest day of summer could be 10OC hotter by 2080 (10% probability)

For further information on future climate impacts, see the Climate Change pages.

Warmer, drier summers are likely to be good for tourism, bringing a longer summer season and more reliable summer weather. We want to think about how more local tourism can be encouraged, while protecting the environment and keeping carbon emissions down.

You can view current tourist activities and opportunities in Margate and Cliftonville on the Tourism map.


We want your ideas:

  • With warmer, longer summers what opportunities might there be for business?

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