Kent Coastal Communities


The Project was approved by INTERREG in December 2010 and runs from January 2011 to March 2014. The INTERREG 2 Seas programme is funding 50 per cent of the €2.9m costs through the European Regional Development Fund.


Project progress

The Project was launched in April 2011 and project partners have been working together, producing a common ‘Risk Profiling Framework,’ stakeholder analysis template, and engagement strategy for each of their pilot areas. Examples of current best practice and case studies will be analysed to identify barriers to understanding and engagement and how they might be overcome.  Partners have formed local engagement groups who will advise them on the development of new tools to explain the effects, risks and benefits of long term coastal climate change.  Reports on best practice, stakeholder engagement and barriers to engagement will be published in throughout 2013.

Seven international cross-border workshops have taken place with a next to be held in July 2013. Representatives from partner community engagement groups will also come to this workshop to meet each other and continue to develop the project network.

The final project conference will be held in February 2014.  More details will follow.