Kent Coastal Communities

Kent County Council (United Kingdom)

Kent County Council is  working with coastal communities in the county who are at most risk or have the greatest scope for opportunity from climate driven coastal change.  These range from residents in low-lying rural marshes to densely populated urban centres and include a number of diverse sectors and disciplines.  We will work with these communities to develop locally-owned plans and community visions to build resilience for our diverse coastline.

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Environment Agency (United Kingdom)

The Environment Agency is engaging with coastal communities in the Seaford, Newhaven, Lewes and lower Ouse areas of East Sussex. They are working with them to develop a long-term vision, decided by local people reflecting their needs and aspirations, to manage future coastal climate change.

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Hampshire County Council (United Kingdom)

Hampshire County Council are working with a number of pilot areas in the Solent. Their project ‘CCATCH- the Solent’ will engage with communities to create a vision for 2150 and beyond and adaptation plans which will reflect local needs and aspirations. The target audiences in the western, central and eastern Solent include businesses, tourism, elected members, school and colleges, and residents.

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Alterra (The Netherlands)

Since the 1953 flooding disaster, dams, dikes and storm surge barriers have improved coastal safety in the municipality of Schouwen Duiveland. It also connected the island with other parts of the Netherlands, leading to an increasing recreation sector. However, these developments are sometimes lacking spatial quality. With a view on climate-driven coastal change, Alterra and the municipality want to support and engage local stakeholders to develop a sustainable local coastal vision and economic future.

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Province West-Vlaanderen (Coordination Centre on Integrated Coastal Zone Management) (Belgium)

The Coordination Centre on ICZM is working together with local, provincial and regional government to develop an integrated vision for the Flemish Coast. They are developing a participation process which will involve all relevant stakeholders (tourism, municipalities, nature organisations etc.). Special attention will be paid to the aesthetics of spatial quality and development along the Flemish coast and how these can be improved.

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Agency for Maritime and Coastal Services – Coastal Division (Belgium)

The focus for Coastal Division is on improving engagement with the coastal municipalities through the process of the Master Plan for Coastal Safety. By engaging all relevant stakeholders in the process, the plan will belong to all and not just Coastal Division. The coastal municipalities are best placed to communicate messages to the broader public.

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